Micronization Process

Our micronization process is suitable for a wide range of industries

Micronization is a critical process for reducing the size of particles to a specific and consistent distribution. At Munit, we utilize our own designed fluid MC Jet Mill technology to achieve this goal. Our jet milling technology is a physical process that breaks down particles by colliding them at different speeds and kinetic energies inside the milling chamber. As a result, we can regulate the final particle size distribution with high precision and accuracy by controlling the feed rate and pressure.

We offer several micronization processes to suit different materials and applications, including Cryogenic Micronization, Under Containment, Standard Micronization, and Co-Micronization.
Cryogenic micronization utilizes liquid nitrogen to cool and embrittle materials before milling, while Under Containment micronization provides extra protection for operators and the environment using advanced containment systems. Standard micronization and co-micronization are ideal for processing various materials and achieving precise particle size distributions.

Our micronization process suits various industries, including the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, and cosmetic sectors. We have state-of-the-art equipment and a team of experts with extensive experience in micronization, ensuring that we consistently deliver high-quality products with yields up to 99%. Additionally, our equipment is designed for easy cleaning, minimizing downtime, and providing quick turnaround times for our customers.

At Munit, we are committed to providing the best micronization services in the industry. Contact us to learn more about how our technology can help meet your micronization needs.

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