Optimized Co-micronization Method: Efficient Manufacturing

Co-micronization is a cost-effective method of micronizing two substances simultaneously. Typically, co-micronization involves micronizing one API and one excipient, although it could also be one API and two excipients or two APIs and one excipient.

The excipient is typically added in lower amounts to improve the mechanical properties of the API, which is the main component of the mixture. Traditionally, manufacturers blend the elements of the final mix in advance and then micronize the blended powder to the final PSD specification. However, this approach involves at least two separate steps - blending and micronization.Info powder 1Our innovative co-micronization approach combines blending and micronization into a single step to improve homogeneity, reduce time, and lower costs. By homogeneously feeding the right proportions of two or three powders into the Spiral Jet mill, our approach simplifies the manufacturing process, making it more efficient and effective.

Info powder 2

How it works

Concomitant micronization

Co-micronization is an efficient method of micronizing two or more substances simultaneously. This process reduces time and cost while increasing productivity.

  • Simultaneous micronization of two or more substances
  • Using two or more feeding units


Benefits of Co-Micronization for Powder Processing

Using two or more feeding units in powder processing has several benefits and is a smart choice for powder processing. Discover the benefits.

  • Using two or more feeding units
  • Improves powder properties (flowability)
  • Improve homogeneity
  • Skips potential blending steps
  • Time and cost reduction


Range of Application

Powders with flowability issues

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Oral dosage form
  • Inhalation powders (MDI and DPI)
  • Transdermal drug delivery
  • Oncological solid dosage form
  • Opthalmic dosage form
  • New Chemical Entities, R & D

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