A reliable sieving service to efficiently screen powders before or after micronization

Sieving is the process of separating particles into different size fractions using a mesh or screen. It ensures consistency in products.

Munit offers a comprehensive sieving service using a vibrating sieve to support the screening of powders before or after the micronization process. This service effectively prevents process anomalies and defines a cut-off size for coarser and broader PSDs for the final micronized or milled powder.

The sieving process can also be a mitigation strategy to screen potentially contaminated powders with foreign objects. Our quality system ensures that the sieving net is dedicated to each product, guaranteeing low cross-contamination risks.

We offer two screening devices with different net diameters of 800 mm and 950 mm. This equipment can efficiently handle sieving requirements ranging from 1 kg to several tons per batch. Our expert team is committed to providing a reliable and high-quality sieving service to meet the specific needs of our customers.

How it works


We offer two screening devices with different net diameters to efficiently handle sieving requirements ranging from 1kg to several tons per batch. Our quality system ensures low cross-contamination risk.

  • Is a process to separate materials/particles
  • Using net or screen
  • Vibration system


Controlling Particle Size and Eliminating Undesired Materials

Our Sieving service offers multiple advantages, including eliminating undesired materials, controlling particle size distribution, and separating materials by particle size. This ensures the final product meets the desired specifications, resulting in improved quality and efficiency.

  • Eliminating the undesired material
  • Controlling the particle size distribution
  • Separating by particle size


Range of Application

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • All dry powders

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