We are able to micronize steroids while maintaining their purity and potency

Our advanced equipment and technology enable us to micronize steroids while maintaining their purity and potency.

Steroids are crucial drugs used in many medical treatments, and micronization is necessary for optimal delivery and therapeutic benefits. Micronization reduces the particle size of drugs, which increases their surface area and improves their bioavailability, accelerates solubility, enhances stability, reduces side effects, and better patient compliance.

We are committed to quality, safety, and compliance with regulatory requirements.
Munit's team collaborates with clients to ensure the precise specifications of their micronized steroid powders which are critical for medical treatments.

Munit is the world leader provider of steroid micronization. Contact us to find out more about our processes and services.

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We are world leading player in the field of particle size engineering for pharmaceutical substances.

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Find out how Munit can help you to increase the bioavailability of your pharmaceutical substances by reducing their particle size.

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