Cryogenic Milling

Cryogenic milling for polymers or materials with enhanced elastic properties

Cryogenic milling is a specific setting to mill Polymers or any other substance with an enhanced elastic property. The process setting brings the temperature of the product and the temperature inside the mill below -30 to -150°C, allowing the product to get below its glass transition temperature and increase its fragility to mechanical impact.

Cryogenic milling can also reduce the temperature of the carrier gas (usually nitrogen) to prevent temperature increases caused by friction during milling. This technique is beneficial for milling powders with low melting points or temperature-sensitive products.

How it works

Milling at low temperature

Cryogenic milling is a process that involves cooling the product and the mill chamber to below -30°C to increase the product's fragility. The low temperature reduces the elastic properties of the product, making it easier to mill.

  • Usage of liquid nitrogen as a coolant.
  • The carrier gas can be cooled to prevent temperature increases due to mechanical friction
  • Both the product and the milling chamber can be cooled


Benefits of Micronization at low temperature

  • No increase amount of amorphous particles
  • No polymorphic changes
  • No increases of impurity level
  • No re-agglomeration of the micronized particles
  • Prevent the degradation of highly sensitive products
  • Control the product’s integrity
  • Improve processability of elastic/sticky compounds


Range of Application

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Polymers
  • Sensitive and sticky compounds
  • Food industry
  • Sensitive and sticky compounds
  • Direct compression
  • Capsules filling process
  • Oral dosage form
  • Temperature sensitive substances
  • Compounds with a low brittleness , elastic or semi-solid products

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