Mechanical Milling Technology

Achieve tight distribution of particles in a coarser size range

Mechanical milling technology is an effective method to reduce the particle size of pharmaceutical ingredients. Achieved PSD ranges from 30 to 150 microns, balancing flowability and powder homogeneity. This process increases the dissolution rate of the powder.

The mechanical properties of a milled powder make it suitable for direct compression, capsule filling, and granulation processes. Pin mills, Hammer mills, and Quadro Co-mills are popular milling technologies.
These machines use the impact of rigid bodies like pins, hammers, blades, or impellers to break the particles down into smaller sizes and achieve a tight particle size distribution in a coarser size range.

As the particles collide with the rigid bodies, they undergo mechanical deformation and fracture, reducing size. The process continues until the particles reach the desired size range of 30 to 150 microns.

The resulting powder has improved properties, including increased surface area and better flowability, making it ideal for use in pharmaceuticals, food processing, and materials engineering. Overall, mechanical milling technology is a highly effective and efficient method for reducing particle size and improving the characteristics of materials.

How it works

Particle size reduction through mechanical milling

Mechanical milling technology uses Pin mills, Hammer mills, and Quadro Co-mills to reduce particle size. These machines create mechanical impact through particles, reducing the measure to the desired range of 30 - 150 microns.

  • Pin mill, hammer mill and Quadro co-mill
  • Mechanical impact on particle collision
  • Reduction to 30 - 150 microns size


the Advantages of Mechanical Milling Technology for Material Processing

Mechanical milling technology offers numerous advantages such as the ability to produce coarse particle sizes, improved flow properties, and increased surface area.

  • Achieve tight PSD in a size range of 50 - 150 microns
  • Harsh milling condition


Range of Application

Mechanical milling is widely used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food processing, and materials engineering for its ability to produce high-quality powders and granules with improved characteristics.

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Oral dosage form
  • Transdermal drug delivery
  • Oncological solid dosage form
  • New Chemical Entities, R & D

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