Expansion and Innovation at the Heart of Microchem's Production

Microchem, the Italian production hub of the Munit Group, is proud to announce the operational launch of the new Building C, marking a significant advancement in expanding its production capacities. This new production department is the result of an impressive investment strategy aimed at reinforcing Microchem's status as a national and international benchmark for micronization services.

The new industrial unit extends Microchem's range of services, seamlessly integrating with the existing facilities. It embodies the fusion of technological innovation and a commitment to excellence, reflecting Microchem's long-term vision of meeting the pharmaceutical sector's highest production standards.

The operational status of Building C, enabled by AIFA's approval, signifies an important expansion in Microchem's portfolio, enriching it with the production of new product classes such as High Potent, Highly Toxic, Cytotoxic, and Cytostatic Products, in addition to the already authorized hormones that require meticulous management. This acknowledgment highlights the plant's adherence to the strictest regulatory standards, opening new horizons for Microchem to process a wide range of products and meet the market's complex needs.

The detailed layout of Building C, equipped with cutting-edge technologies, embodies an integrated approach to safety and quality. This infrastructure allows Microchem to precisely handle high-risk substances, further consolidating its leadership in micronization services.

Stay connected with us through our communication channels to discover how the expansion of our production site brings innovation and compliance to your micronization projects.

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