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Here the list of our Departments.


Jetpharma SA
The Administration Department is in charge of the recording and the reporting of all the financial transactions of the Company. We maintain and record all business transactions accurately and comprehensively, so that they can be reviewed at any time. Precision and punctuality are our goals.

API & JP Logistic

Jetpharma SA
The Logistics Department is responsible for the reception, storage and shipment of goods; as well as invoicing, customs documents check and ERP system update.

Equipment Engineering

Jetpharma SA
Engineering is the department responsible for the equipment design and development. Extreme accuracy, organization and attention to details are a must in our job.

Health Safety Environment

Jetpharma SA
Health, Safety and Environment is the department that manages all of the activities related to occupational Health and Safety and environmental aspects. The scope of the department is to create a safe working environment that handles all environmental issues. Proactivity, accuracy, assessment and listening skills are the focus of our job.

Human Resources

Jetpharma SA
The Human Resources department’s main responsibilities are the recruiting, the onboarding, the training, the payroll, the growth and the welfare of our staff. Empathy, inclusion and implementation of Company Culture are our main goals.


Jetpharma SA
Maintenance is the department in control of keeping property assets and equipment in excellent conditions through a regular scheduled maintenance plan and by making repairs, correcting problems, etc. Analytical and problem solving skills are essential in our job.


Jetpharma SA
Availability and flexibility for all our internal and external clients are our main goals, along with a special attention to safety and eco-sustainability.


Jetpharma SA
The Production Department is the core of our company where a team of highly specialized supervisors and operators guarantees the quality and the success of the processes in order to totally satisfy the customers' requests. Problem solving, efficiency, flexibility and attention to details are the key features of our lean-thinking team.

Project Management

Jetpharma SA
The Project Management Office is in charge of managing all the projects for Micronization, this includes planning, monitoring and controlling. Flexibility, precision and communication are our strengths to reach the best cooperation with our clients.

Quality Assurance

Jetpharma SA
Exceeding the quality expectations of our clients is at the core of everything we do. Our Quality Assurance Team daily focuses on achieving the highest quality standards and in developing and maintaining a strong Quality culture, an aspect that is crucial to make a safe product and most importantly to improve patients’ lives.

Quality Control

Jetpharma SA
The Quality Control Department is accountable for developing, implementing, and periodically evaluating a program to ensure that the production operations, from raw materials to finished products, meet the quality, integrity, and efficency standards set by official guidelines.

Excellence in Micronization Service

We are world leading player in the field of particle size engineering for pharmaceutical substances.

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