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Here the list of our Departments.

Commercial Direction

Munit SA
The Commercial Direction is responsible for planning, developing and implementing commercial strategies based on company expectations and sales objectives, with the main target of supporting and accelerating the company growth.


Munit SA
The main responsibilities of IT are the supervision and maintenance of all computer systems, ensuring that these services are running smoothly by monitoring their efficiency and security measures against any vulnerabilities. It organizes and sets deadlines for major IT projects such as system updates, migrations, upgrades.

Process & Control

Munit SA
Management control and planning are the activities performed to support the decision making process of the Board of Directors. We are implementing Budgeting, actual and future profitability analyses as well as variance analysis by using BI tools.

Project Management

Munit SA

The Munit Chief PMO manages the new projects arriving at Micronization sites for the first time, with the aim of introducing them in the destined site in a efficient and streamlined way. A constant communication with the site project team and the customers' PM ensures that project scope, plans and timelines are respected.


Munit SA
The Technical Direction supervises and supports all scientific and technical activities of our Micronization sites. It provides high level expertise and support for the customers’ requests and projects.

Excellence in Micronization Service

We are world leading player in the field of particle size engineering for pharmaceutical substances.

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