Discover how Munit Group is redefining the conditioning of micronized products through advanced technology and collaboration.

Munit Group reaffirms its role as a pioneer in pharmaceutical sector innovation, this time focusing on the conditioning of micronized products. Thanks to the development conducted by Microchem, the Italian production site of the Group, new frontiers are emerging in adapting products to stringent standards of humidity and temperature, essential for obtaining authorization to use innovative processes.

Our client repeatedly faced condensation problems that damaged the product, causing significant loss of time and resources. The challenge was not only engineering/process-based but also strategic, requiring a solution that went beyond the standard services offered by Munit.

Innovation and Collaboration: The Key to Success

The machine we have developed represents a qualitative leap in conditioning, incorporating humidity and temperature control technologies. Particular attention was paid to ergonomic design to ensure optimal management of trays by operators concerning the specificity and value of the treated products.

Munit Group's innovative approach was also evident in the field application of fluid dynamics principles, crucial to preventing problems like condensation under high humidity conditions, thus ensuring the integrity of the micronized product.

A Regulated and Approved Process

Microchem played a crucial role in preparing and presenting a detailed dossier to the regulatory Authorities, demonstrating the ability to design and construct advanced solutions and support process validation with a rigorous approach compliant with current regulations.

Towards the Future of Conditioning

The collaboration and exchange between Jetpharma and Microchem within the Munit Group marked a significant advancement in the field of Micronization-conditioning. This project not only meets a specific client need but also paves the way for new possibilities in the pharmaceutical sector, demonstrating our commitment to innovation and excellence.

The success of this conditioning project showcases the technical and engineering expertise of the Munit Group and reinforces our role as a point of reference in the pharmaceutical sector, ready to meet and exceed future challenges with innovative solutions.

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